Labor Day Weekend… Labors in the Kitchen

It’s labor day weekend, hooray for an extra day off! I decided to make some tasty meals to augment our relaxation time. First up, Beef Barbacoa in the slow cooker.  I use a recipe from that has turned out well for me before.

I usually don’t quite follow a recipe word-for-word, sometimes out of laziness, sometimes because I like to experiment (I am more careful when I bake). Today, I had to make one substitution because I didn’t have any limes. Not pictured here is the large chuck roast that will be the main event.


It takes only a few minutes to pull everything together and then it goes into the slow cooker for a few hours.


I topped the tacos with corn salsa, cheddar cheese, green onions, and some sour cream. I served it with Garlic Lemon Rice and Tangy Cole slaw. A few pickled cucumbers finished the plate!



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